At Thrivent Student Resources, we help Christians be wise with money—especially at the beginning of college. Our team’s purpose is to help students and families see money for what is really is: not a goal., not just the things it can buy., but a gift from God; a tool for chasing your dreams within your means so you can live a life of contentment, confidence and generosity.

We offer online, do-it-yourself resources for navigating the journey before, during and after college. For those who prefer to work one-on-one, our College Planning Network has college planning experts ready to personally guide you through all aspects of college financial readiness.

As a Thrivent business, we’re part of a Fortune 500 not-for-profit financial services organization that helps Christians on their Wise With Money Journey. As a mission-driven, membership-owned organization, Thrivent offers more its more than 2 million members and customers insurance, investments, banking and advice over the phone and online, as well as through financial professionals and independent agents nationwide. For more than a century, we’ve helped Christians make wise money choices that reflect their values while providing them opportunities to demonstrate their generosity where they live, work and worship.

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Students & Parents

  • Check out our DIY step-by-step plan that offers a variety of tools & resources designed to help you get educated on getting educated.
  • Follow along the path and embrace the new school mindset with Thrivent Student Resources. 

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Thrivent Community Engagement Leaders

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Planning and paying for college is one of the largest decisions families make financially. It can be complex to navigate, especially if your congregants are committed to achieving a degree with as little debt as possible. At Thrivent, we believe that all that we have is a gift from God, and that financial decisions like this should align with each individual family's values. As a church, you can support this significant decision by providing access to the tools and resources families need on this journey.

Thrivent can offer you access to:

  • College Planning and Paying presentations at your church (we can customize the presentation for parents, students or both audiences together)
  • A DIY online college planning and paying guide
  • Scholarship programs and a scholarship search engine
  • Our College Planning Network: experts in planning and paying for college for families who need one-on-one coaching and assistance

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 Christian High School & College Guidance Counselors

  • Check out our college-planning solutions to help you prepare and educate your students.
  • Host a College Planning and Financing Presentation at your school.
  • Wally Boudet, our Vice President-Director of School Outreach, is ready to help!


Campus Ministry Offices

  • Partner with Thrivent Student Resources and motivate students to get involved in volunteer opportunities.
  • Check out to learn more.
  • Organize a volunteer or service event on or off campus.
  • Wally Boudet, our Vice President-Director of School Outreach, is ready to help!


 Christian Student Groups & Associations

  • Thrivent Student Resources can bring a guest speaker to your school to talk about a wide range of topics, such as:
    • Planning for College
    • Financing a College Education
    • Chasing Your Dreams Within Your Means
    • The State of Student Debt in America
    • And more!
    • Ann Lague, our Vice President-Director of Student Outreach, is ready to help!


Credit Union Leaders

  • Partner with Thrivent Student Resources to help your members:
    • Prepare and plan for college
    • Set goals and calculate costs
    • Research scholarships
    • Find tools to borrow smart, same money, and repay fast!
  • Check out our hub for credit unions to learn more.
  • Partner with Thrivent Federal Credit Union for loan options to provide to your members.
  • William McKenna, our Vice President of Partner Markets, is ready to help!

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Financial Aid Officers

  • College-planning solutions, such as a cost of college calculator, or FAFSA guidance, to help you prep and educate your students.
  • Host a College Planning and Financing Presentation at your school.
  • Scholarship programs for students 18+ are available.
  • For Financial Aid officers, we offer information on our revamped private loan process.

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College Planning Network

  • Gain access to expert financial advisors for families that want face-to-face coaching on how to plan and pay for college.
  • Bring an expert financial advisor to your church, school, or small group to talk about Planning and Paying for College.
  • Get guidance on how to talk about educational finances and engage students in the financial decision-making process.
  • Learn how to identify which types of colleges are most likely to have the lowest out of pocket costs after aid for your family.
  • Check out to learn more.

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Are you a business, a community, a professional association, or employer that serves college bound students and/or their families? Do you have an application or resource that might be a good fit for our site? Do you seek a trusted alliance partner to serve your community? William McKenna, our Vice President of Partner Markets, is ready to discuss partnership opportunities with you!

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