Choosing to Be Wise with Money

We care about you saving money and making wise money decisions before, during and after college.
And when you do, we want to celebrate with you and remind you that you're #CrushingIt.

Poor choices we make today can keep us from reaching our dreams tomorrow.  It's important that we get into wise money habits early. That starts by only buying what we need to save money. Getting deep into debt during college is not something any of us want to do, so let's avoid it by using the resources below and celebrating our small successes!

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Here's how other students are #CrushingIt!

Students everywhere are working hard to be money savvy and save some dollar bills.  We've asked students to write down their money saving tips and tell us how they're living within their means.  Saving a few bucks here and there will add up and can go a long way when it comes to paying for college.  

Resources for #CrushingIt

Discounts for Students

Your student ID is the key to unlocking great deals.  See what discounts you could get with your student ID!

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Date Night on a Dime

Got a date coming up? Check out these 15 cheap date ideas to help save you money!

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College Textbook Search

Textbooks can be expensive. Check out this tool to help you pay as little as possible.

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#CrushingIt with Bethel Students

Thrivent Student Resources showed up at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN to see how they’re choosing to be Wise With Money.  While we were there, we chatted with students and showed them new ways for them to cut back on their monthly costs. We know that saving a dime here and there can really add up, and sharing ideas with one another on how to do so is a great way to start #CrushingIt.  Every little bit counts, so get out there and start crushing your student debt!