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College has opened the doors to so many options, however, I have always wanted to give back by helping others to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle through safe and effective exercise.

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Blake's Story

My educational dream is to become a professor at a university where I can help teach students about the importance of exercise and proper nutrition. I want to give back by helping people reach their full potential through education and practical hands-on experience. I am a full-time student who has run out of the necessary funding to continue my higher education. On top of my education costs, I have recently become homeless. I am living out of my car, and finding a couch to sleep on here and there is not as easy as people may think.  High student loan debt and having to continue to borrow what I absolutely need until I fulfill my educational goals is what stands in my way. I have exhausted my Federal Pell Grant funding, applied to every available scholarship I’m a candidate for, and now I am left with high-interest private student loans that are just getting higher in costs from accruing and compounding interest rates. If I successfully fund my higher education costs through GradPath, I will become a lifelong "pay it forward" contributor by financially supporting future students and helping them to reach their educational dreams through using GradPath Thrivent Student Resources.


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My Q&A

What event, positive or negative, helped shape who you are today and your path to higher education?

I am a first-generation student in my family, so earning a college degree is something that nobody in my family ever pursued. Family support is nil, so I have had to do everything on my own up until now. Realizing that the job market wasn't getting any better, I decided to return to college to continue where I left off after high school.

What motivates you? What gets you out of bed every morning?

Passionate about helping people of all ages to achieve their fitness, performance, and weight-loss goals, I provide individualized programs tailored for each client by combining scientifically-proven techniques in strength and conditioning, sport and exercise psychology, biomechanics, and sport and exercise physiology. Every day is a day to help!

How - if at all - do you plan to "pay it forward" if a donor funds your schooling?

I plan to help financially fund future students through the GradPath portal of the Thrivent Student Resources website. I will strive to become a lifelong contributor to help ensure that other students, like myself, can have a bright and prosperous future with minimal or no student loan debt. 

What would your friends say are your best qualities?

Friends would say that my best qualities are, I am: helpful, honest, supportive, sympathetic, empathic, smart, funny, hardworking, dedicated, and I always have a smile on my face.

What would your teachers say are your best qualities?

Teachers would say that my best qualities are, I am: honest, hardworking, helpful, dedicated, enthusiastic, energetic, mature, and organized.

Who has helped shape your educational and career dreams? 

Professors, like the ones at California State University, Fullerton, especially in the Kinesiology Department, have been the biggest factors in shaping my current and future educational goals and career path. These highly influential men and women are the reason I have gained the motivation and perseverance to pursue a Master's of Science degree.

Explain why your education is a unique and special cause that donors should care about.

My educational path is one that not only helps me personally but primarily helps everyone who wants to learn safe and effective ways of managing their body weight and living a healthier lifestyle. Jobs today function to serve the employer and employee with financial gain. My career focuses on the health and lifestyle well-being of any and everyone.

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