The brain is an interesting device.  It can rewire itself in response to the environment, but a serious insult will cause it to shut down.

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My goal is to be a physician with an interest in the medical care of musicians.  I have a particular interest in the relationship between music and brain damage.

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Post Grad, Masters/Doctorate
Class of 2021

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Liberal studies
Music theory; foreign languages

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Houston, Texas

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Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham

Paul's Story

I am aspiring to be a physician (either doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathic medicine) concentrating on the medical issues of musicians.  In order to do that, I have returned to undergraduate school to pursue a second baccalaureate degree (liberal studies with minors in music theory & foreign languages) at the University of Houston, then apply to medical school. After medical school, I plan on taking a specialty residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation or in family medicine.  During this time, in addition to completing courses for the major and minor, I will be fulfilling medical admissions requirements as well as taking other courses which may assist me in my future endeavors, namely instrumental technique courses in brass, woodwind, percussion, strings, and voice. 

I have a particular interest in the relationship between the brain and music, specifically, what happens when a musician suffers a brain injury - is s/he able to alleviate his or her injury with music? Or does continued performance worsen his or her condition?

I will use your donation to assist with:

1) University fees
2) Room and board
3) Private lessons on the organ and piano
4) MCAT preparation.



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What I Need
Room & Board$12,000
Books & Supplies$800
Medical College Admissions Test Prep Course$1,700
Private organ lessons$1,000
Summer tuition - University of Houston$2,000
What I Have
Family Support$12,000
GradPath Donations$455

$32,940What I Need
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$6,485Left to Go

My Q&A

What are your academic dreams?

My long term goal is to earn a doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathic medicine degree, with the intention of training in physical medicine and rehabilitation afterwards.  From there, I wish to focus my practice on the care of musicians and do research in this area, especially in the realm of the effect of music on brain injury and vice versa.

What motivates you? What gets you out of bed every morning?

My entire life is focused on serving His Divine Majesty our God and King, who is the Commander-in-Chief over his own medical corps.  I live to sing His praises and fulfull His will now in this world, and to be happy forever with Him in the one that is to come.

How - if at all - do you plan to "pay it forward" if a donor funds your schooling?

In order to encourage research and expertise in the care of musicians, my long term goals include establishing a scholarship fund for music majors or minors who have been accepted into a medical school accredited by:

1) the Liason Committee on Medical Education or
2) the AOA Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation.

Who has helped shape your educational and career dreams? 

My mother encouraged a focus on my education from an early age, and my dad, in addition to working long days and nights to support his family, has  provided the early impetus for me to study medicine, as he is a general physician by trade. 

What type of volunteer work do you engage in and why?

My volunteer experience includes assisting at the I Care San Antonio charity eye clinic in the summer and fall of 2016, assisting with diagnostic testing and cleanup.  While it is true that the eye is not a vital organ, vision and hearing do contribute to our quality of life and much suffering occurs when people lose one or the other.

Are you religious? Talk about your faith and its importance in your life.

I am a Catholic Christian who sees in his work an opportunity to grow in santity and in heroic virtue, the kind of virtue by which saints are recognized and raised to the altar by canonization.  It is because I believe in a God and King that I choose to dedicate my life to His service and to that of my future family. 

What is your favorite memory from childhood?

That would be a hard one for me to answer, but that would be spending time with my family at Christmas and Easter, going to divine worship (Holy Mass), then enjoy delicious food.  I wish to give to my own children the same example - that a Christian's life is first centered around prayer, then having served the Lord, we show love to each other. 

How did you decide (or how are you currently deciding) on which college to attend?

My current college, the University of Houston - Main Campus, has a variety of things which are conducive to my future goals, including a strong music minor program, one in music theory and the other in literature and history.  From there I can obtain the background I need to do serious research at the intersection of music and health. 

What do you feel most excited about in the near future?

To not only pursue my academic and career goals but also to receive the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and raise a family, for all careers are directed in one way or another to the service of God and the human person and the human family. 

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