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Living in a single, disabled household makes it pretty difficult to pay for college, so I'm diving in head first and asking for help!

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Abigail's Story

Growing up in a single, disabled household had it's downsides. From taking care of my dad after eight surgeries to balancing high school and a part time job, I've had my fair share of rough days. But now, as a freshman at St. Norbert College studying English, I am on my own and thriving. I have my bad days, but my main goal is become a well-rounded person while also completing my degree!

I have been extremely lucky with financial aid and scholarships. I recieved several scholarships from my high school (Roncalli High School in Manitowoc, WI) that I am extremely grateful for! But unfortunately those scholarships only extended through my first semester. I'd love to take out loans, but my dad's credit makes me unelligable for any loans other than those offered through my financial aid package. I am in college because I want to better myself and the world. I want to become an editor and eventually, an author. I want to speak the words that no else has the guts to speak and I want to do it with passion. As for right now, I am asking for help to finish my schooling. Even if I only raise five dollars, I'll be extremely grateful. With God watching over me, I am excited for what's ahead.


My Budget

(for this year)

What I Need
Room & Board$5,000
Books & Supplies$500
What I Have
Job / Work-Study$1,500
Family Support$1,500
GradPath Donations$500

$47,500What I Need
$19,655What I Have
$27,845Left to Go

My Q&A

Are you religious? Talk about your faith and its importance in your life.

I was baptized into the Catholic Church when I was 14 years old. My late grandfather was the only other Catholic in my family, so it was difficult for me to grow in my faith at first. However, I now go to mass weekly and pray as much as I can! I put my faith at the center of my life and everything else fall around it. 

How - if at all - do you plan to "pay it forward" if a donor funds your schooling?

I'd like to be an author at some point in my life. When or if this happens, I would like to donate a portion of the profits I make from my writing to charity. I am an Oneida Indian so I could see myself wanting to put that money back into the tribe, as they have helped me throughout my life and struggle with poverty.

Describe yourself as a student.

I'm the student that raises their hand when everyone else is avoiding eye contact so they aren't called on. I'm the student that is the first to get up and give a presentation when others are nervous. I'm basically the student who loves to learn and likes to help others while she does it. Education is one of the most important things to me!

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