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A single mother who is an education major graduate and trying to apply for her teaching license and can't until my last school expenses are paid off.

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Alisia's Story

I am a recently divorced women and I have 2 little boys I am raising on my own. I am currently working as a full time substitute teacher and the school I am at would like to hire me. I am unable to do so since I have money I owe my school still and they will not release my official transcripts until it is paid off, and that is the only way I can apply for my teaching license. I was suppose to receive aid and grants but something messed up on my schools end and I was not granted it. I am now stuck with a bill I can not afford. I am not paid during holidays or time off. I was admitted to the hospital for a week before Thanksgiving break and won't be paid for that. I was also in the hospital for 3 days for my son during Halloween and was not paid for that. I am unable to pay most of my bills at the moment since I am not a salary employee. This one small expense is keeping me from becoming the mother I want to be with supporting my family and the true teacher I already am.


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My Q&A

Are you religious? Talk about your faith and its importance in your life.

I am a Lutheran. I love God and believe in Jesus Christ. I take my kids to church with me every Sunday. I am not a perfect Christian but I try. God always seems to help and answer my prayers in the most important times. For example, leaving my abusive relationship. He guides me in the direction I need to go. Church calms me and heals me. 

Explain why your education is a unique and special cause that donors should care about.

I simply can not do it on my own. I have tried and every time I do I fall short on something else. My divorce wiped me clean with money. I'm supporting my kids with what very little bit of money I do get from working. I won't be able to fully support my family until this last school expenses paid only then I can finally apply for my license.

What are your career dreams?

I would love to become a principal or a lawyer and an advocate for the special education students. Education is my life and I have a gift for teaching kids. ask any of my students and they will give you the same answer.

What are your academic dreams?

I would love to to go to graduate school. Possibly even law School and eventually get a PhD in education.

What have you/your family sacrificed to allow you to pursue your dreams?

I have sacrificed everything such as time with my kids when I was in school trying to get my projects done trying to get anything done. I missed out on precious time with my kids. Even though in the end I know it's all worth it. 

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