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My name is Mikayla and I am very excited to announce I want to become a nurse. This will make me the 15th nurse in my family, but I never realized how expensive nursing school is. 

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12th Grade
Class of 2023

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High Ridge, Missouri

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St. Anthony's of Padua 

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I plan to become a nurse. I am very motivated to become a nurse because I love helping people and I will actually be the 15th nurse in my family. The biggest challenge I will need to overcome is the cost for college. My dad does not make a lot of money- he will not be helping towards my college tuition. I have two jobs and I try to save all of my money for college. I also plan to do a work study in college so my money can go straight towards my tuition. After college, I will need to open up to more people about my nursing career. I will need to have special connections at certain hospitals if I want to get a good job since nursing is a competitive career. I may even need to look for nursing jobs across Missouri instead of in the St. Louis area. I have filled out FAFSA and I have applied to over fifteen scholarships. Once my college tuition is paid for, I plan to “pay it forward” by giving money to my high school. Northwest High School could use the money in many ways. Hopefully, they can put it towards new safety tools, in case of an active shooter coming in. I believe no matter how many hardships I go through I will be able to push through and become the best nurse in the area.



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My Q&A

Are you religious? Talk about your faith and its importance in your life.

I am a recent member of the Catholic faith. I became Catholic in March of 2018. God had told my two friends Sarah and Sam to invite me to youth group- so they did. I fell in love with the Catholic faith and I was amazed by the way they also praised the saints. My Catholic church is such a close knit family and I have felt welcomed since day one. 

How - if at all - do you plan to "pay it forward" if a donor funds your schooling?

I plan to "pay it forward" by giving money to the high school I graduated from. Northwest High School deserves new safety equipment and tools incase an active shooter comes in. We do intrude drills often, but if something really happened I'm not sure if we have the correct tools to help save us. They could also use the money to redo the building. 

How did you decide (or how are you currently deciding) on which college to attend?

I am going to attend Missouri Baptist University. I love how much they care for their students and I love how much God is involved in their academic lives. The admissions counselors are amazing and I can tell they genuinely care for their students. Even though I am a Catholic, I am very excited to experience a Baptist church during college. 

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