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It's time to move into my next steps of education as I head towards my marketing degree.

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My name is Hannah. I was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois. I have an older brother named Micah. I attended Concordia Lutheran School for k-8 and Peoria Christian High School. I currently attend Illinois Central College, though, I am going to be transfering to University of Illinois Springfield to get a bachelors in Marketing. When I graduate, I hope to work for either a convention center/production theatre or CAT. I have always loved going to Broadway shows and I feel like that would be an amazing thing to work for. CAT has so many opportunities for jobs and travel that it seems like it would also be a great place to work for. I have played soccer my whole life and hope to play down at UIS.
For my whole life, I have attended Trinity Luttheran Church. I am a godmother to a little three year old girl named Michaela. She is my pastor's daughter. I have grown very close to my pastor's family. I am also a faith mentor to an eighth grader name Josie. They have helped keep me grounded in my faith even when times were difficult. My faith is one of the most important things to me and having these people in my life is a blessing. 


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My Q&A

Are you religious? Talk about your faith and its importance in your life.

I am a Missouri Synod Lutheran. I was basically born and raised in the church.In difficult times it is that rock that I can fall back onto. I am also a Godmother to my pastor's 3 year old daughter and a faith mentor to an 8th grader. These people have helped keep me on the right life path because I know I have them looking up to me.

What do you feel most excited about in the near future?

I am currently trying to make the college soccer team. I have played soccer most of my life but had take 2 years off in order to figure out what I wanted to do for college. Now that I know what I am studying, I have decided to try out for the soccer team. I am excited to get back on the field and show the talent I have.

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