A mind that heals, a heart that cares. "Dr.Jordan" help me get there!

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Helping others and putting their needs before mine has always been my paradigm. I know I can make a significant impact in the world of healthcare.

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Mount Laurel Township, New Jersey

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Abundant Life Fellowship

Jordan's Story

Hi! I am Jordan, a chemistry major, pursuing my goal to become a physician, to advance medical science and help people around the world.  Help me get there.  I planned to play college basketball to fund my education, yes I am tall.  I  was recruited and then devastated as knee injuries prevented me from playing even one game.   See I am the youngest in my family. My hard working parents borrowed to help my older siblings through college.  Then tragedy struck as my father was forced to retire after a life-threatening cancer diagnosis.  While working through my own injuries and watching him battle for his life, my life’s purpose is crystal clear.  I translated my frustration into passion - and started reading medical books. 

I’m a hospital volunteer and shadow doctors.   I am seeing it up close and this is where I want to be.  This is where I fit.  This is where I want to make a difference. College is very expensive. I need your help.  Your generosity will help me get there. 


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My Q&A

What are your academic dreams?

My academic dreams consist of finishing my bachelors, and going to medical school soon after. All while maintaining outstanding grades.

Describe yourself as a student.

Relentless, and very hard-working. I acquired this mentality from playing basketball. If I can do it on the court, I can also do it off the court.

What is your favorite memory from childhood?

Giving money to people in need. As a child I was always giving to people who were less fortunate with whatever I had.

What type of volunteer work do you engage in and why?

Majority of my volunteer work is done in the hospital. Seeing patients, talking to them while they are going through stressful times, and brightening up their day is the best feeling I've ever experienced. I have also volunteered at a local community food bank for years and been on an international missions trip.

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$150 - Abraham Fenton

Persistence is the ultimate talent. Never give up!  Jordan, You can do this!

Jun 10, 2019

$250 - Anne Johnson

You’re ready to do this!!!

May 31, 2019