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I am hoping to find funds to help me complete my education and become a DNR officer to protect and conserve.

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College Sophomore
Class of 2021

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Fisheries and wildlife
law enforcement

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Kalkaska, Michigan

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Church of Christ

Kaitlyn's Story

Preserving the natural wonders and beauty of Michigan for the millenium to come is a goal I keep close to my heart. Growing up in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan I’ve always had a deep interest and admiration for all natural things. While other kids were inside playing games, I would be riding my little 70cc bike,  fishing the Manistee with my cousins, kayaking, or having other outdoor adventures, dreaming of becoming the first female DNR officer in the area. I am now in college in persuit of a fisheries and wildlife degree with a minor in law enforcement at LSSU with a 3.8 GPA.
I am  current sophmore working 25 hours a week in an attempt to pay for my education. my first year of college was easily covered by the loans I could personaly take out as well as scholarships from various organizations and the National Honors Society. This upcoming year my scholarship options are much more limited, standing in the way of my success here as I can not work full time.
Any amount would be greatly appreciated and helpful. In my future, I hope to set up a scholarship for other females who enjoy the outdoors and wish to obtain a degree in a feild that protects it.



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Lab Fees$360
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My Q&A

Describe yourself as a student.

I have always worked hard in school while participating in sports and volunteer work. I finished high school with a 3.9 gpa and 25 college credits, sending me on the path to university, where I continue to fully commit to my education.

What type of volunteer work do you engage in and why?

I have volunteered with re-leaf Michigan, Michigan's DNR, the Commision on Aging, the Kalkaska Memorial Hospital, the Kalkaska recreation Center, Michigan Blood, Kalkaska Area Interfaith Resources, and other organizations. My motivation for doing so was my desire to help others and Michigan's enviorment.

Who has helped shape your educational and career dreams? 

I have always looked up to and appreciated police and DNR officers. they put their lives on the line to protect and serve the community. I grew up in a area full of oppurtunities to enjoy nature, giving me the desire to protect it. Becoming a DNR officer is the best way for me to protect and help Michigan communities and their natural resources.

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