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Ambitious high-school student asking for assistance in fulfilling college dreams.

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12th Grade
Class of 2023

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DeSoto, Texas

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Community Missionary Baptist Church

Rodney's Story

You could say that I'm in the middle of the road.  I believe I have had a great high school experience.  During my high school career, I have played basketball, baseball and ran track.  I have participated in several extracurricular activities and have volunteered my time for some great causes.  During these four years, I chose classes that would challenge me and help prepare me college.   I've managed to maintain a 3.1 GPA.  So, why do I think I'm in the middle?  I'm a student who is not eligible for most need-based financial aid and not wealthy enough to pay for college.  

Going to college has been a dream of mine since I can remember. My Dad and I have visited his alma mater many times since I was 2.  I could visualize myself staying in a dorm, walking to class, eating in the cafeteria and going to sporting events.  I wanted the whole experience! 

During my freshman year, my parents and I began to look at colleges and the cost of attendance.  The first thing I said was "College is expensive!" Paying for college is my main worry this year. I don't want my dream to become a financial burden by putting myself or my parents in thousands of dollars in debt.


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My Q&A

Describe yourself as a student.

I would describe myself as a student that is engaging.  I love interacting with students, teachers, and administrators.  I am very outgoing and will usually participates in many school activities.

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