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Explore Scholarships and Grants

It’s so worth the effort. You don’t have to be an academic or athletic superstar to qualify for grants and scholarships. There are scholarships that go un-awarded each year simply because nobody applied for them.

While most grants and scholarships will come from the school you attend, it’s still worth investing some time exploring additional options. This is all money you won’t have to repay after college!

Some grants are very small—but still worth investing an hour of your time. Even if the grant is only $110, that's a pretty good hourly rate! Plus its money you won't have to repay after college.

Do a little research into grant opportunities on your own before paying an advisor to pitch in. There's a lot you can find on your own!

Use our very own Scholarship Search Tool to help you find a scholarship that best fits you!

Check out these search and application tools:
Big Future by the College Board

Networking can help. You’ll naturally talk to your friends and parents — and probably your teachers and guidance counselors — who are excellent resources for local scholarships. But what about reaching out to your friend’s parents and your parent’s friends?

They may have scholarship or grant opportunities through their employers, churches and service clubs that you won’t learn about unless you ask.

By completing the FAFSA and applying for financial aid at the schools you’re interested in attending, you’ll be applying for any private scholarships or grants that the school has available. Your FAFSA information may also come in handy when you’re applying for scholarships and grants from elsewhere.

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