Find a Lender Tool

Whoa. Finding a loan for college can be intimidating and confusing. We’d like to introduce you to cuLearn.

cuLearn offers a network of non-profit credit unions that align with Thrivent’s “Not a penny more. Or a penny less” views on paying for college.

Before you finalize your loan, make sure you’ve researched all your funding options - from scholarships , grants, community funding options and more.

A lot of banks and credit unions have private student loans, but the Find a Lender tool from cuLearn connects you to credit unions that believe in responsible lending. Head on over to the cuLearn Find a Lender tool to see which lenders might be right for you!

Use cuLearn Find-a-Lender Tool

Note:  There are many good, honest Lenders who can help you find a loan. Do your homework. Educate yourself on the process and details around your school loans.