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College Savings Estimator

Have a specific college savings goal? Whether your goal is to cover 100% of the cost of a target school or a percentage of the bill that will be split between the student and their parents, you can use the colleges savings estimator to calculate how much you will need to put aside to reach your goal.

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529 Comparison

If you are considering a 529 plan or already have a plan and want to compare it to others, this tool can help you pick the right plan to minimize your investment expenses.

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Cost of Delaying Savings

Your most valuable asset is time, but do not just take our word for it. Try this estimator to see how much your required contributions drop when you start saving sooner than later.

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Resources for Prepare & Plan

Top 10 Ways to Slash College Costs

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Khan Academy SAT

The SAT can be an important step in gearing up for a college future. Testing can...

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How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Colleges

All too often, student and their families start their college search feeling like it...

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The Impact of Leadership and Service

Over the last decade, colleges and universities have...

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