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User Stories

This site has given me concrete steps to take to prepare for college and given me tangible resources. It is simple and easy to use and has been greatly helpful. The Thrivent College Planners have been even more helpful.

- Abigail B. 

Thrivent's scholarship search has been extremely useful and I have applied to a few scholarhips to help with finances. I have based my future plans off recommended steps to take and I now have a much better understanding of types of loans, the true cost behind sticker prices, and how to interpret the FAFSA.

- Lauren S. 

Thrivent has helped me plan with how I will pay for college right now and how I will pay back my loans. It did this by giving me the resources through videos or articles.

- Maddy H. 


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Employee Stories

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Working with Thrivent Student Resources has given me great insight into the struggles of saving and paying for college. Both of my sisters are single parents to five children between them. Our mission and the resources we offer have been extremely helpful for planning discussions with our entire family. So that when my niece and nephews are ready to take on the world after high school, they’re also ready to pay for it.

- Jennifer V. 

My nephew used the tools and resources on the TSR website to really dig into the cost of college and decide if he wanted to take on student loan debt. In the end, he decided on an internship with Electric Boat in CT. Not only will they pay him to work there, they will also pay for his Associates degree.

- Ann L. 

We used the family discussion guide to help us put together a plan for what we could afford and then applied the knowledge TSR gave us about net price calculators to narrow down our choice of schools for my 2nd child. She found a $60,000 school that she was able to attend for less than half of their published price. I wish we had known about these tools before my first child went off to college!

- Susan F.