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My Thrivent Advisor met with my family regularly to discuss the progress of my 529 plan and other assistance.

- Grant C. 

It gave me information about the different ways to pay for college (loans, scholarships, etc.)

- Tom B. 

The scholarship search tool found on the website was immensely helpful. While some of the amounts may seem small, they add up to make a significant impact in paying for my education! 

- Laura E. 

This website has provided resources for me when looking at life after high school. 

- Katelyn L. 

My dad is a financial advisor for Thrivent and had suggested looking at this website. It has helped me find great ideas on how to pay for college. It has put me on a path toward success.

- Trent K. 

Thrivent provided the tools to help me through the college decision process from beginning to the end. 

- Grace H. 

Thrivent has helped me plan to pay for college by preparing myself and my parents to save money from a young age to be prepared for college no matter where I decided to go!

- Paula H. 

This site has lots of helpful information and ideas to plan for college.

- Kayla H. 

This site helped me plan for college because it made me think again about why I'm going to college and if I'm doing it for myself or for someone else.

- Evangeline M. 

Really encouraging me to have hope in my future college career!

- Emily W. 

The college planning site really helped me look at all the aspects of picking a college and gave me valuable information to potential scholarships.

- Melina D.  

Helpful information on planning and ways to get scholarships. 

- Addie C.

It helped me learn how to research scholarships.

- Nichole W. 

It offered me resources that I used to help plan for college costs. 

- Derek R. 

Really great in teaching me about scholarship opportunities!!

- Emmi W. 

This site helped me find and apply for scholarships.

- Andrew C. 

Your site made me realize all that goes into planning where I want to go to college. 

- Abbey W. 

It gave me insight about how to prepare financially for college. 

- Chloe S.